Welcome Guys! therefore within the new one.6 update, as typically we have a tendency to gotnew stuff further to taphouse g mobile, particularly the settings got a spanking new plan, and there square measure few new setting choices, whichwe are taking a glance at them, in addition as some tips and tricks concerning the new FloraMenance Mode. beginning with the settings, we have a tendency to got few newoptions, like merging crouch and prone choice, if you change this, the crouch and prone can merch along intoa single button, your crouch works commonly as typically however so as to use prone. you wish to carry the crouch for a moment toactivate it, this is often extremely helpful if your fiddling with simply two or three fingers. however i would not advocate victimization this feature,if your fiddling with four or additional fingers, as a result of this method would take around one or2 further seconds to activate prone, however its extremely cool feature.

 anyway moving on to consecutive one, Sprint Sensitivity. this is often a feature i actually like, therefore by defaultyou'll get five hundredth sensitivity, even before this update its capped at five hundredth, therefore currently if you decreasethe sensitivity. you'll have to tug your thumb finger waymore higher to activate sprint, or to run. and if you increase the sprint sensitivitythen the sprint can activate method faster, I mean you wish to tug your thumb less distanceto sprint or run. suppose if you place 100%, then the sprint willactivate instantly therefore you may instantly run once you move your joystick. i extremely advocate to not use 100% sprintsensitivity place it around 80-90% otherwise you will not be able to walk, lets advance to the focal distance adjustment,this is essentially scope distance adjusting button, by default its faucet, you wish to faucetto open and tap to regulate, 

but if you employ hold, you wish to holdand move up and right down to alter the space and unharness your finger to prevent. its kind-a kind of like scope's faucet and holdoption. anyway out and away my favorite new feature wouldbe the headshot sound effects, you'll hear a selected sound once you hit a headshot,here is associate degree example. i actually like this new feature and highlyrecommended to change it, therefore you'll recognize whether or not you hit a headshot or not. and last the highlight moments, by enablingthis, your game play highlights are saved directly within the matches, you'll read it bygoing into your career results, and click on this reply button. it'll show solely your highlights, currentlyI assume its not operating properly not all the kills square measure showing however lets hope its gonnaimprove shortly, by the way, you'll conjointly send your highlightsto your friends directly in-game. anyway moving on to the Flora Menance EventMode tips and tricks, 1st let Maine show you concerning the new options, its kind-a continuity from the last eventignition mode, however there square measure few new things, that you'll clearly see on the map. but first,

 let Maine show you concerning this shopfeature, or dynahax provides, you'll purchase AWM and Groza from this search and a few otherweapons, and Level three Armor and attachments and lastlythe weapons system. however so as to shop for you wish Nacores that you'll realize whereas plundering on the homes,or on the matrix that i'll tell you in a while this video. this is often extremely flooded particularly whenyour fighting and lost your helmet, you'll purchase one instantly and you'll use thatsupply cell as your cowl, it's indestructible, the conventional defend barrier can break however notthe offer cell. and also the crazy factor concerning this offer cell,you can jump on high of it, therefore let's imagine if somebody is encampment during a house, and waitingfor you, you'll order a health kit or some painkillersfrom the search and place it next to the door like this, and climb up the door and surprise attackyour enemies World Health Organization square measure encampment on the second floor. anyway currently lets refer these new locationsin the map the first one is Rejuvenation Barrier therewill be solely three of those in map,

 if you enter this barrier your health can automaticallyheal or essentially your health can regenerate afteryour done fighting that is kind of cool however it will not heal youduring a fighting its nearly kind of like TDM health Healing. and also the next one is cell matrix automaton, thereare solely three locations for this, if you go here, you wish to fight against some robots, whichwill offer you some loot, and by the method there'll be three levels of robots,level one being the easist, level three the toughest. my biggest tip is to shoot them within the headto kill quicker. and last the cells, there square measure concerning fifty ofthem within the map, you cannot enter these cells directly, you wish to attend five minutes, so the cellopens up, which is able to take you to a matrix space, or starship, therefore here its basicallylike TDM. you wish to fight against largely bots maybesome real players

, by the method there'll solely be three lives for you, then you'll bekicked out from that space and you cannot die therein starship Tai. there'll be three levels, first with a shotguns, second with a SMGs, 3rdwith a assault rifles. then the matrix can dock that willopen up different areas that may contain real enemies, and you will get either groza or August on witha armament to fight. therefore here during this matrix space you'll finda heap of nacores particularly at the centre areas and you'll use this nacores to buystuff from the search. there'll be three levels, first with a shotguns,2nd with a SMGs, third with a assault rifles. then the matrix can dock that willopen up different areas that may contain real enemies, and you will get either groza or AUGalong with a armament to fight. therefore here during this matrix space you'll finda heap of nacores particularly at the centre areas and you'll use this nacores to buystuff from the search.so yea that is it for this video, I hope youlearned one thing new if you probably did hit kind button and subscribe for additional coming videoslike this, see you guys within the next one.